Are Solar Panels for a Small Home Worth It?

solar panels for small homeThese days, tiny homes are in fashion as people and families are moving toward minimalistic living style. Having a small home could mean less furniture and minimum utilization of electricity. In case you have solar panel systems installed, you may save more on electricity or have it for free. Sounds thrilling, right?

The benefits that a tiny homeowner will reap from solar panels is similar to that of a large house owner. A small house uses an average of 7% of utility as compared to traditional homes. This is because of the size of the house. To be specific, the tiny house uses less amount of light. The house needs electricity for cooling, heating, and to run other electrical appliances. By generating your own electricity, you can save on utility bills. This can be done, of course, by installing solar panels.

Once installed, solar panels can also help increase the value of the small house. Prospective house buyers will value-free, renewable energy, and typically pay more upfront for it. If you are lucky, the buyers may even be willing to pay upfront.

For tiny mobile houses, solar power is a plus point. Such houses can be moved to any location and use natural solar light to power the entire house. A mobile home is free from the geo-limitation, which means that in case of limited sunlight exposure, the owner can choose to move the house to a location where the exposure to the sun is optimum.

The tiny house owners can save on electricity and embrace eco-friendly life by installing solar panels. If space is an issue, you can have it installed on the roof. Alternatively, you can contact a professional solar panel contractor and have a fair idea of where to install the solar panels and use it to the maximum benefit.

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