Can I Survive Living in a Small Home?

Living in a Small HomeHere at Big Votes for Small Homes, we absolutely love everything about designing, organizing, and maintaining homes. We become extra excited when it’s about small homes! There’s something about living in a small home that one cannot get out of a large home. Sure, you don’t have as much space to move around or to store your things, but the small space allows you to keep the things that are most important to you.

So can you survive living in a small home? Why not? There are many challenges you have to face in small home living but we promise you that once you overcome these challenges, you will love this kind of lifestyle. Some qualities you should have or the skills you have to learn over time are the following:

  • Minimalism – You just can’t have too many things all at once!
  • Decluttering – Yes, you have to clean up and remove all the things you don’t need or use.
  • Organizing – Learning how to organize your home from storage spaces to areas where you can place necessary furniture and appliances is definitely a skill!
  • Maintenance – We understand that calling for professional assistance for every little thing that needs maintenance or repairs can get expensive. You’ll feel like it isn’t even worth it when you live in such a small home! So if there are things you can DIY, you should learn about them.


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Especially when you have a choice between living in a bigger house and a small home, the temptation of choosing the more spacious and convenient option gets high. However, there are so many things to love about living in a small home. For instance, you don’t have to spend so much money on maintenance or things you need around your home. A smaller couch obviously costs a lot cheaper compared to a bigger one! You spend less time cleaning, looking for the things you need or going from one area to another!

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