Electric Water Heater Maintenance Tips

electric water heater maintenanceMaintaining the efficiency of an electric appliance is as crucial as buying the right device. The water heater is the kind of equipment that may cost a lot to repair. In this article, we have mentioned a few things that you can do to ensure an uninterrupted hot water supply.  

Top water heater maintenance tips:

1. Turn Off When Not in Use: Water heaters or geysers should not be left turned on for an extended period. Turn off the appliance when not in use. There was a time when geysers took a long time to heat the water. Today’s geysers heat water in five minutes. Keeping them turned on after use will only degrade the device.

2. Lower the Temperature: When it is not cold outside, and you don’t require a hot bath lowering the temperature of the geyser will ensure the long life of the water heater. Reduced temperature means the geyser will work less.

3. Two Feet Space: Ensure to maintain two feet of space around the water heater. You may find details about spacing on the user manual. Keep the surrounding of the geyser dry.

4. Insulate Older Units: If you have an old water heater, make sure to insulate it for effective working and to avoid calling an electrician for repair. Newer appliances are pre-insulated.

5. Check the Plug: Over time, you may forget about the plug connecting the geyser with power. The plug may wear down and spark as the geyser may suck tremendous utility through the plug. Have the plug replaced or examined annually by a professional. A damaged plug may damage the water heater.

Electrical appliances call for close maintenance and this would always be part of the power saving tips for family homes. Any negligence may lead to a short circuit. Examining the geyser pipe, tube, wire, and plug is the simplest thing you can do to ensure the efficient working of the water heater.

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