Interior Paint Tips for Homes

interior paint tipsPlan to paint the interior of your house yourself? While we would highly recommend getting help from a professional house painter, no one’s really stopping you to DIY your home’s interior paint. And you might encounter some issues or problems while doing so. And so we know that it would be great if you get some tips just like the ones we’re sharing below. 

1. Primer: Water-based primer is best suitable for homes with new drywall. The oil-based primer will work wonders on water-damaged walls.

2. Stirrer: Drill hole in paint stirrer to stir the paint more thoroughly. The holes will allow a smooth flow of the paint, and you will be able to whisk the paint evenly.

3. Don’t Wash Brushes and Rollers: If you want to hold the project for the next day, roll the brushes and rollers in plastic bags and refrigerate them. The cold temperature will keep the paint from drying quickly.

4. Problem Painter Tape: If the painter tape is not working effectively, microwave the tape roll for 10 seconds.

5. Determine the wall paint type: You should choose the type of paint that matches the paint on existing walls. To determine the paint type, soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Rub the cotton ball on the wall if the ball has oil residue, the paint in latex. If there is no paint on the cotton ball, the paint is oil-based.

6. Paint Pen: It is wise to invest in a paint pen if you want to give the walls a personalized feel. You can use the paint pen for the final touchup with different colors. Shake the well before use to get a smooth flow of paint on the wall.

7. Don’t Let the Paint Dry Out: The leftover paint in the can dry up over time. You can save the paint for future use by inserting gold bolls to fill the space or cover the interior of the lid with plastic. This will prevent air from getting in, and the dry won’t dry up.

8. Add Texture: Now, since you are painting the wall, why not add texture and style to it. You can use fabric material and dump it in the paint and then on the wall for amazing textures.

When you’re painting the interiors of your home for the very first time, it is best to leave the job to your home builder. You may also ask them for advice and recommendations on the right paint material, texture, colors, and so on to ensure that your home would look elegant and beautiful at the same time.

Painting the walls could be fun and are actually considered as valuable home improvements, given you are doing it the right way. So if you’re painting the interiors of your home soon, keep in mind the 8 tips you’ve just read above!

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