Power Saving Tips for Family Homes

power saving tipsUtility bills take up a huge portion of a family income as power is expensive, and therefore your family needs to be extra careful on how they use electrical appliances. If you are, your family has been thinking of saving on the bill with no results. Here we are with some tips that will help you save money on power bills.

1. Unplug Electronics: When electrical appliances are not in use, it is better to unplug them rather than just keeping them turned off. Even the US Department of Energy has reported that a large portion of the utility bill is consumed by the appliances when they are not in use. This is called ‘phantom’ energy drains. You can smartly save on power bills by unplugging those unused appliances.

2. Set the Fridge Temperature Right: Setting the temperature of the fridge and refrigerator too cold may add to energy bills as the compressor of the fridge will work hard to keep it cool inside the appliances.

3. Bright Lights: Replace incandescent bulbs with a compact fluorescent lamp to save on the bill. Lighting contributes almost 10% to the total home utility bill. The CFL light lasts longer and is also energy efficient.

4. Use Natural Light: Open up the curtains and let the natural sunshine enter the house. The sunlight will also keep the house warm in the winter season.

5. Clean the Vents: You AC will dram more energy if its vent is blocked by dirt and debris. Regularly clean the vents to keep the air passage clear. The duct of the house should also be cleaned for an obstacle-free flow of air.

Whether you live in a small home or a large family home, following the points mentioned above can help you save money on utility. Take time to clean the vents and window glass for a steady flow of air and sunshine inside the house. 

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