Valuable Home Improvements

home improvementsThinking of home renovation? When people think of renovating their home, they often overlook the most crucial improvements that may increase the recoup cost significantly. Here we are with six top home improvements.

1. Upgrade the Garage Door: You may have to re-budget the entire renovation and upscale the garage door replacement as market experts believe that the garage door can increase the recoup cost by 100%. The best garage doors to consider are the ones built with a durable material such as wood and steel.

2. Install manufactured stone veneer on the exterior wall: a manufactured stone veneer is a man-made stone that looks real. The material boosts the aesthetics of the property, and you can expect a high return if you are thinking of selling the house in the future.

3. Wood deck or patio: Adding wood to the patio or the backyard can provide a 63% return on the investment. Add just the right size of wood to the yard to enhance the overall appeal of the house.

4. Kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most basic home areas you must have. Prospective buyers are likely to prefer homes with a kitchen that is modular and eco-friendly. The best part of kitchen remodeling is that you don’t have to entirely overall the kitchen. A little touch-up or minor renovation can add to the aesthetics of the property.

5. Siding and old windows: Old and damaged siding can date the look of the house. If you are planning to renovate the home, don’t overlook the windows and sidings.

6. Bathroom: A mid-range bathroom remodeling can get you a return of around 70% across the country. All change tiles, counters, toilets, lighting, and fixtures for a brand new bathroom.

Planning to sell your house, you may consider remodeling the house. But, sometimes, simple home improvement can make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of the house.

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